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Your Questions About Setting Up A Business

Setting Up A Business Chris asks… What type of business could someone under 18 open? So 3 Thousand dollars 17 years old. Any Suggestions? Craig answers: ANYTHING YOU FEEL MOTIVATED ABOUT!!!!! (except booze, gambling or sex industries for obvious reasons). Think about what inspires you and what […]

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Your Questions About Gaming Computers

Lisa asks… What is the best Model for a Gaming computer? I am looking for a New Gaming LAPTOP- And i would like to spend between 800-1000 around that number. What is the best laptop around that price Make and model plz. Craig answers: Core i-3, better […]

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Your Questions About Creating A Website With Google

Robert asks… Why won’t my Business show up on when you Google the Website and google maps? I just created a website with Google and I also added my business to Google maps but when you Google any of the keywords I put in I get nothing […]

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Your Questions About Website Design Companies

Betty asks… Can u suggest a name for a website designing company it should be energetic and new? The title should be of full josh and should sound new when heard for a website designing company. Craig answers: Personally I would concentrate on keeping it simple. You […]

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Your Questions About Small Business Website Templates

Small Business Website Templates Donald asks… Which website has the best website templates I can buy from? And which website builder is best to use? I’m looking to build a quick and easy small–business website. Nothing fancy. I’d like to use a professional looking template I can […]

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Your Questions About Web Design Templates

Web Design Templates George asks… If I tweak a free web design protected by Creative Commons, is still copyrighted? I’d like to use a free web design template I found, but the Creative Commons license says I have to leave the designer’s link on the website. If […]

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Your Questions About Mobile Website Design Tutorial

Mobile Website Design James asks… Does anybody know of any good books on web design? How to create websites? I am Interested in learning how to build and create websites and mobile apps. Is there any good books on the subject that also goes over how to […]

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Your Questions About Web Designer Job Description

Web Designer Robert asks… What kind of a professional should I be looking for if I have an innovative business idea for a website? Hi all! What job description am I seeking if I need to make a business idea come to life in the form of […]

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