5 Small Business Blogging Tips

Small business blogging is a great way to showcase your business, talent and expertise in your business market. If you are already blogging for your business then you know the sales, customer loyalty and attention it can bring your business. Follow these 5 tips we outline to get the most out of your blogging:


  1. Check your keywords: Keywords are what search engines use to index your blog posts and display relevant results to people who are searching for information. In theory, the higher the frequency of keywords, the more relevant content is and the higher it will rank.
    If you are a restaurant, add your restaurant name and type of food in your posts if it sounds natural. You don’t have to stuff keywords in while blogging, just make it sound natural to your readers. The competition or amount of sites related to local search terms is relatively low compared to national product or problem searches. Most of the time it only takes a few correctly optimized blog posts that is keyword rich to move up the rankings.
  2. Don’t get overwhelmed: Take it easy with your blogging. You don’t need to spend hours on these posts. Just a few hundred words off the top of your head a couple times a week will work wonders. We know you have a hundred things to do every day but use this as a time to connect with your customers and relax when writing.
  3. K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple. No one is expecting academic articles and chances are your target audience doesn’t expect them either. Let your natural voice show through and reflect the uniqueness of your business. Keeping it simple also means keeping it short and related to your business.
  4. Keep up to date: Nothing is more disappointing and confusing to customers then stumbling onto a blog that hasn’t been touched in years. Wouldn’t’ that also make you wonder if they were still even in business? Use your blog to keep customers up to date on specials, sales and events. New blog posts are indexed in the search engines lightening fast and a post displaying your new summer clearance will attract traffic. Remember, local search terms face little competition.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun! If you are like us you also went into to business for yourself so you could have fun at work instead of slaving away for someone else. Have fun blogging also and your readers will connect and see your business in a new light.

Blogging doesn’t have to be complicated or seem like another chore to your business. Use these tips to make it easier and increase the blog’s effectiveness on your business. Take some time to brainstorm blog posts that your customers would like reading about. In about 10 minutes you should be able to whip up a quick list of 20 to 30 topics. If you need help, as always we are here for you. We have all the tools necessary to help you optimize your blog posts for keywords and can provide outlines on how to do this correctly.

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