8 New Changes to Facebook You Need To Know

In recent months, Facebook has undergone many significant changes that effect how a facebook fanpage is created and maintained. As a facebook fanpage owner, knowing and understanding these new changes can help you better administrate and customize your Facebook fanpage to make the most of the exciting marketing potential it creates.

Understand The Facebook Fanpage Changes

First, Facebook user profiles underwent a bit of a transformation and Facebook users responded positively to easier usage and simpler navigation on the site. Soon after, Facebook gave fanpages a serious makeover and the new iFrames system was implemented in early February 2011. Though these changes are the key to maximizing the marketing potential of Facebook fanpages, they mean significant differences for current facebook fanpage owners.

From page creation to page administration and down to the very way a facebook fanpage looks, the new changes to Facebook fanpages involved many changes you need to know and understand. Once you do, you will realize the great possibilities and new growth potential these changes can mean for your business.

What you need to know about the new changes to Facebook fanpages:

  1. Static FBML is a thing of the past. Facebook announced the plan to phase out their own brand of code and implement the usage of traditional FTML. This means big changes in the ways Facebook fan pages are created and new horizons of creativity when it comes to page designs. For now, pages that have not made the switch from FBML will still be supported, but new pages must contain FTML code.
  2. Simplified fan administration. The fan page count is no longer a cluttered-looking mass of fan photos. Instead, a tidy count box accomplishes the same task and leaves more room for what you want. Deleting or banning fans is simple to do by clicking the “people like this” link located directly below the fan count and accessing a thorough list of fans only when you need it.
  3. Better information about you. The “About Me” box has been removed in favor of a more comprehensive solution that allows you to share as much information about yourself as you would like. No longer are you limited to the small space the box allows; go ahead and share your story on an iFrames page section dedicated solely to you!
  4. New masthead encourages socialization. The new banner-style Photostrip along the top of every page instantly adds a fresh new update to your fan page every time a picture is added to the page. Fan photos and brand name advertising immediately show up along the top, keeping things new and up-to-date on your page with little effort.
  5. Say farewell to page tabs. Tabs along the top of the page may be gone, but Facebook has revamped these navigational tools and moved them to the left column of every page. This change allows page owners to utilize page design techniques to make these new page sections as customized and unique as their clients desire. Customize these further by placing them in order of importance as you see fit. The options are endless!
  6. Quick viewing of popular posts. With new administration tools now available, page admins can quickly sort comments on their pages and rank those that have generated the most response. This is a great time-saving tool for page admins and keeps their fingers on the pulse of their pages with ease.
  7. Easy identity swap for page administrators. Previously, page admins were limited in their capacity to browse, comment on and “Like” other pages. Now, with a simple click, admins can toggle between identities as a page or a person, enjoying freedom to browse and comment on all types of pages without complicated logging out and logging in under different identities.
  8. Featured “Likes” share networking connections. Along the left navigation column, the most recent “likes” from your page will appear, potentially connecting your page visitors with others who might share similar interests or sell products that compliment your own. Select these carefully and switch often to offer relevant and timely changes to your page that are simple and easy.

Facebook fanpage potential

The new changes to Facebook mean big differences in the way Facebook looks and feels, but most importantly, in how Facebook pages are run behind the scenes. Though many of the changes are mostly cosmetic, the most significant and impressive changes will not be seen by Facebook users at all. Facebook page administrators are most affected by the changes to Facebook, but they also stand to reap the most reward from the new networking and marketing potential that has resulted from Facebook’s revamp of its most popular features.

Let Us Design Your Facebook Fanpage

For more information about the new changes to Facebook fanpages and what they mean for you, call us now on (858) 952-1066. Great Facebook fanpages get noticed! Find out how the Facebook marketing experts at innovate web media can help create a customized Facebook fanpage for your business that gets results.

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