Facebook Advertising Platform: Tips for Success

Facebook advertising is revolutionizing the world of online marketing. With its low cost opportunities to target specific audiences with relevant advertising techniques, the Facebook advertising platform is exploding in popularity. Even the smallest marketing budgets can take advantage of this unique and highly-effective form of advertising and reap the benefits.

The Facebook advertising platform is unlike any other online advertising venue available. Facebook advertising is affordable, with options to keep daily spending within a certain budget.

Uniquely customizable, Facebook advertising can target people with specific likes and interests, making the most of every advertising dollar with ads that zero in on prospective future customers based on their likes, dislikes and the personal information they have provided to Facebook.

Successful Facebook ads are relative and engaging to target audiences, drawing them in and capturing their attention. Short and to-the-point, great Facebook ads state in a few words exactly why a Facebook user should click on the ad, and the better the reason, the more clicks that will result. The following are a few examples of why Facebook users click on an ad:

  • An incentive, like a give-away offer, contest or promotion.
  • A clear invitation to “Like” a product or service that is interesting to them.
  • A call to action on a social issue that is relevant.
  • Ads that utilize keywords related to the specific ages, locations and demographics of target audiences.
  • Intriguing wording, like offering a solution to a problem or the answer to a question.
  • Request for opinion, like a vote on an important social issue.

Successful Facebook Advertising

Successful Facebook advertising can take some time. Fine-tuning ads and adjusting the scope of advertising directed at specific demographics is a careful balancing game, but one that is worth the effort. Keep these tips for Facebook advertising success in mind:

  • Keep things fresh. Update and change ads often to keep things new.
  • Monitor spending. If a daily Facebook ad budget is depleted by 10 am, try adjusting the targets to more specific settings to home in on a smaller audience.
  • Lead them back. If your ad destination is a webpage outside of Facebook, make sure you have a clear way to get back to Facebook from your website. Viewers will appreciate the accessibility.
  • Do what you promised. Once Facebook users click on your ad, don’t let them be disappointed. A Facebook page that fulfills the promises from an ad is important, so don’t hide that survey or special deal you mentioned in the ad. Give your audience what you have promised and they will be more likely to click “Like” because they really do like you!
  • Make your Facebook page exceed expectations. A great Facebook page is entertaining, engaging and invites viewers to curl up and stay for awhile. Facebook users who are lured in by a Facebook ad will feel like they have uncovered a treasure if your page offers interesting features that capture their attention. Games, polls, videos and widgets are easy to add with Facebook applications and maximize the viewer experience on your page.

Facebook Advertising Strategies

Strategies for increasing success on the Facebook advertising platform teach you how to capture the curiosity of Facebook users and encourage them to click on your ads. No matter the strategy or technique you use, remember that every Facebook ad has a useful lifespan, and older ads, no matter their quality, will slowly render fewer and fewer results. The solution is to keep things fresh and exciting with regular changes like contests and polls, which are simple additions that get results. Above all, once you have won over a new fan, do your best to connect and make him feel welcome. Casual, friendly responses to any Wall postings you receive from fans are a sure way to win them over and make them “Like” you for all the right reasons!

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertisers rely on the insight and experience of the Facebook marketing experts at innovate web media. For tips on creating a Facebook fanpage, proven traffic generation techniques for Facebook and innovative ideas on how to create a successful Facebook Advertising campaign, call us now on (858) 952-1066.

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