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Should I Use Social Media Marketing In My Business?

Are you considering using social media to help promote and develop your business? If not, you should be. Here’s some information you need . . .

Some facts about social networking sites:

  • MySpace had more traffic in 2007 than Google
  • Already, FaceBook has reached Google traffic levels
  • YouTube gets twice as much traffic as Google
  • These sites are DOUBLING every 6 months ; FaceBook adds 1 million visitors each week

In a typical month

  • 30% of worldwide Internet users visit MySpace
  • 29% visit FaceBook
  • 35% visit YouTube

It’s not just kids discussing what they’re going to wear to the prom anymore. You’re business can’t afford to ignore this marketplace.

  • Over 50% of MySpace users are over 35
  • Facebook even has 100k users over 64

Talk to innovate web media today about how we can set up your campaign on the social networking sites.

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Many People are Trying to Find Your Business Right Now on Facebook and You’re Nowhere to be Found!

Practically everybody is talking about Facebook in the business community. All the big brand names have a presence there, with good reason: more than 300 million active users worldwide. That’s as many people as live in all the United States! The question for the small business owner is: “What do I need Facebook for? How, exactly, is a social networking site going to help me attract new clients/customers, increase revenue and build my “brand” into something useful?” Here’s the simple answer — done right, a Facebook Fan page can:

  • drive 10 or more new customers per month to your business
  • give you really useful analytics about how folks are using your Fan Page
  • show up in the search engines for your most valuable keyword phrases.

Would you like to attract more clients into your business?

Of course you would. Well . . . you should know that your prospects are actually seeking you right now on facebook and they are ready to do business with you but unfortunately you are nowhere to be found! Let me explain…

  • There are today over 750 million people on facebook
  • 50% of these users login on a daily basis…
  • More and more people are choosing to frequent businesses based on information they receive from social media friends.

How would you like your present clients to drive more business to you at absolutely zero cost? The solution is to have your own company Facebook fanpage!

Well . . . now you can create Your Very Own Facebook Business Fanpage Within 10 Minutes Using Our FREE Online Tool! Just click the button at the bottom of this page.

Discover How You Can Attract More Clients For Your Business!

By using this tool you will …

  • Be able to set up a professional fan page in less than 10 minutes…
  • Download our report (Make Facebook WORK for your business)
  • Start driving new clients to your Decorator

Claim your free Facebook Fan Page Now!

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Facebook Fanpage Services

For clients who want to start connecting with their target audience on Facebook, our Facebook Fanpage service is the way to get started fast! By interacting with other Facebook users you will provide more ways for potential customers to connect with you as well as being able to showcase your products and services and seasonal promotions.

Not only will a Facebook Fanpage help to position your company as a leader in your industry but when used effectively can create new selling opportunities, start conversations with new prospects and attract potential employees.

Let innovate web media set up your Facebook Fanpage today and get you started in the world of social media.

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