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Prior to incorporating as a limted company, Innovate Web Media traded as Web Design Newquay. Now, Web Design Newquay is a brand of Innovate Web Media. Web Design Newquay were interviewed by Which Web Design Company. You can read the details here:

web design newquay
WWDC: What’s your name and position in the company?
Web Design Newquay: “Craig Lingard : Owner”

WWDC: Describe your company in 5 words.
Web Design Newquay: “Dynamic, Independant, Innovative, Creative, Professional”

WWDC: What’s your business philosophy?
Web Design Newquay: “We love what we do. We develop and deliver systems that help our clients. We are fueled by our passion to help customers achieve their goals.”

WWDC: Describe your office environment.
Web Design Newquay: “A simple, modern space where we can be creative. Music often fills the room and tea and coffee are available in large cups, or where you can enjoy just being comfortable, by using a great ergonomic chairs anyone can get at places like the ProductExpert site online.”

WWDC: Describe how your team interact and work together.
Web Design Newquay: “Every single one of us are in this because we love what we do. We respect each others specialities and capabilities. We all work professionally but we ensure we have fun and plenty of coffee!”

WWDC: What makes you different from other web design companies?
Web Design Newquay: “We don’t focus on building websites or being designers. Our goal is help our clients reach more potential customers and gain more leads. Our focus therefore, is on maximizing online marketing. First and foremost, we are marketers, dedicated to expanding our client’s business.”

WWDC: How do you get the majority of your business?
Web Design Newquay: “Word of mouth and client referrals mainly. Every client we have ever worked with is still a client of ours . . . even after 15 years. We are building a presence in the US and more and more enquiries are coming from our friends across the pond.”

WWDC: Describe how you manage projects from the initial client contact to completion and handover.
Web Design Newquay: “We work hard with our clients to establish and meet specifications. These specifications allow a certain amount of innovative marketing experimentation. We work closely with the client throughout the project to ensure they are 100% happy. Fusion Las Vegas SEO services provide the customer with a monthly analysis report so they can check the progress we are making.”

WWDC: What do you think is the most crucial element of creating a good client relationship?
Web Design Newquay: “Communication. We respect all our clients and listen carefully to their needs. When these needs are communicated it is up to us to be responsive.”

WWDC: How do you manage demanding clients?
Web Design Newquay: “Regardless of how demanding a client is we are here to deliver on their needs. We love demanding clients because it means we can engage and create and ultimately . . . deliver.”

WWDC: If a client was trying to decide between a shortlist of web design companies, how would you recommend they go about selecting the right one for them?
Web Design Newquay: “Check out client testimonials and ensure that the design company knows about marketing on the internet. A website without marketing knowledge behind it isn’t worth a jot!”

WWDC: Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
Web Design Newquay: “An international leader in web development and web marketing strategies. Continuing to give our customers exactly what they need in terms of lead generation.”

WWDC: Where do you see the web design industry in the future?
Web Design Newquay: “Everything is going mobile. The kids of today are tomorrows market and they are more savvy than any generation before. The industry will develop for a highly mobile market and we’ll be there to ensure your company takes full advantage of the opportunities.”

WWDC: What computers do you have use in your offices, PCs or Macs?
Web Design Newquay: “PC’s”

WWDC: How was your company name chosen?
Web Design Newquay: “We design websites and we are based in Newquay. We don’t do rocket science”

WWDC: If you were to give your clients one tip on how to get the most from their website what would it be?
Web Design Newquay: “Choose Web Design Newquay – Call us today on 01637 420425 or visit our website at The leading company for Website Design, SEO and effective Internet Marketing.”

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