Your Questions About Corporate Websites Using WordPress

Corporate Websites Using WordPress

Charles asks…

Can a company use just any wordpress theme? Does it need to buy a theme/template?

How would the company find out which wordpress theme/template they can legally use? Are wordpress themes explicitly labeled “Free to use”? Where would I find free wordpress themes to use for a company? thanks

Craig answers:

The best place to find free WordPress themes is through the WordPress repository. You can access that via your WordPress dashboard – just go to “Add New” under themes. These are all available for commercial use, and also there are services like Sandcastle Web Design & Development that will do this work for you, so you can focus on your content and products. Getting the and more attention, work with conversion rate optimization companies to get your own website going.

Be careful if you use other free themes – many contain advertising code that you might not want on a corporate website.

If you are buying a theme, check with the terms of the licence to see where you can use it – most are available for commercial use.

Donald asks…

We made our first blog on WordPress, how do we get traffic to it? What can we do to get the world to see it?

We are trying to get traffic to our business website! Was told that a blog would help bring traffic, so we have been making one with the WordPress Blogs. Can anyone help me understand what needs to be done to get your blog out to the public? Do we have to submit It somewhere? All I know Is I see people on the Internet talking about how they get so much traffic! What Is the trick?
We would also love advice and tips on getting traffic to our website? We have only had our website up for 3 or 4 months! And all I ever do Is look for ways to get It out there! Can anyone help? We have a Professional Disk Jockey MC Entertainment Company In California. We provide many services for Weddings, Corporate Events, Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Award Shows, Fundraisers, Etc.

Craig answers:

1. Create great content – everything starts with great content.

2. Update the content regularly – make your visitors come back again and again to your blog by providing daily updates (even multiple posts per day!)

3. Submit your blog to blog directories – examples include

Globe of Blogs
Blog Universe
The Truth Laid Bear
Contents Matter
Columbia Newsblaster mailto:

4. Network with other bloggers – comment on their blogs, read and link to other blogs and request them to link back to you

5. Email other bloggers – pitch your post to other bloggers and hope that they will link or mention your blog

6. Use techniques to showcase your blog – examples include meme games such as the Daily Meme or carnivals (visit the Blog Carnival for various blog topics)

7. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter as much as you can and integrate it into your blog.

William asks…

Hi Friends, Help me to choose a better domain service provider for my new website?

I am planning to open a new website based on web designing field and also decided the name. i just wanna know that, which domain service is good and how much space i need and what are the things i need to check before i purchase the domain. I checked many domain service providers, the charges differs in all the domain service for the same domain name.kindly help me to choose the better one..

Thanks In Advance

Craig answers:

Many people say that GoDaddy is the best. I beg to differ. It’s certainly one of the largest, and the plans that come with it are very COMPREHENSIVE and some say it offers the BEST customer support in the entire industry. That is debatable. Some that I use are Namecheap and 1&1.

If you’re thinking about managing a personal website, then an economy hosting plan’s gonna do the job. But if you’re thinking about developing a corporate website on web design, then it’s best to go along with the deluxe web hosting packages that the big names have got.

You’re probably familiar with this already, but you should be looking for a service that offers a lot of features for a minimal price, like

– SSL certificates (for ecommerce security and facebook apps)
– AdWord credits (for page ranking)
– Min 10GB of disk space
– Min 300 GB of Data transfer
– Autoresponder
– Forwarding
– Multiple language (programming) support
– Blogs support
– Min. 25 sub domains

etc, etc.

But if this is the first time, you should be aware of two things you need to purchase:

1. The Domain name (if you get web hosting, they’ll probably give you a free domain name for the first year, and recurring charges for normal prices in the following years)

This is the URL that people type in the address space of their browsers to get to your website, like That’s the cheap part, and you pay on a yearly basis.

2. Web hosting

Since most people find server management intimidating (and rightly so, we’re not trained to hacksaw big servers or monitoring terminals all day!), we actually have to borrow some companies’ servers which connect to the Internet (a large network of computers), to allow our websites to join the Internet, and companies which do this are called web hosting companies, who make money from providing people with spaces on their servers, which is why it’s called web hosting. You could check this australian web hosting to help you get an idea of what you may be facing when looking for web hosting. They have great prices and they grow as your business grows!

Again, depending on the use of your website, you can choose different hosting plans. I’d recommend a basic economy plan for non-commercial uses, and a deluxe plan for commercial uses, since you’ll need large amount of spaces to manage larger websites generated dynamically. More serious users should consider VPS or a dedicated server.

Good luck!!

Susan asks…

how can multiple computers edit one website?

how can big corporations like google and facebook edit one HTML from multiple computers? how does that work ?

Craig answers:

Corporate Websites are usually designed, and maintained using CMS (Content Management System). CMS is a type of Web Software which can hold your data, change design, serve dynamic pages and do many more things associated with World. These are already written into the system when the CMS is made.

With a CMS you can set up different users. So it’s quite a simple task, many users can log in at same time and do different tasks at the same time. The CMS handles these all tasks and gives the results you need.

For more clarification, try WordPress or any other CMS and add users into them. Yopu’ll start to see what a powerful system a CMS is.

Chris asks…

What wordpress theme does use?

I was curious if any one knows what wordpress theme the boeing website uses. Please let me know if you can tell.

Craig answers:

The Boeing site is not using WordPress, but it’s definitely a fully customized design. If you’re looking for a good corporate theme, I’d suggest looking at

Nancy asks…

How do you make a website, either worldwide or not?

Just curious

Craig answers:


The answer depends on the purpose of the website.


You can use any free website. lets people make free websites. Or, most hosting companies like or have $5 a month hosting, and wizards that let you make a website.


If your local team, church, or book club is looking for a website then they might want to try WordPress. It is an easy to use platform. There are hundreds of free templates. All hosting companies offer it. At companies like hostgator or godaddy, you can just click a button and it is installed. You don’t need to know any web design or HTML.


There are many local web design companies that can make a brochure style website, shopping cart, or even a complex database driven website. They will work with you to make the site match your marketing strategy and corporate image.

These sites are better than free ones for 1 main reason – the graphics are not cheap looking. Graphics sell. They represent your business.

A well constructed website is easier to find on the search engines.

Big Business – Sales – Major Exposure

If you want a business website that ranks high for hundreds of keywords, gets thousands of hits, then you might want to hire the SEO Company Australia that has Fastest Growing AdWords Management Firm. These differ from web design companies in that their first goal is to create a website that is 100% Search Engine Friendly.

Many web designers use code that makes the website look good – even if this code cannot be read by search engines. They also construct the page so it looks good in all browsers – even if this means that there is so much code that search engines never find the content.

SEO Design has improved in recent years. They can use the same flash and gimmicks as web designers, they just put that stuff ‘off page’ and ‘call it in’ or they put it at the bottom of the page and use CSS to make it look good on browsers.

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