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George asks…

If I tweak a free web design protected by Creative Commons, is still copyrighted?

I’d like to use a free web design template I found, but the Creative Commons license says I have to leave the designer’s link on the website. If I am tweaking the design (color, size, layout, etc.) is the design still protected under this license?

In other words, how far does the design need to change before it stops being the original copyrighted material? Or does it ever?

Craig answers:

Till it becomes unrecognisable. And the changes must also be in the code, not just the face

Chris asks…

Please which is the best web design templates website?

I want to register for web design templates and do not know which is best

Craig answers:

There are lots of websites offering web design templates. Try some of these.

Mary asks…

What is the technical design called when you have a user network or community on a website? ?

I want to find a web design template that allows for a user network where people can sign in and share photos with each other. Preferably in “What you see is what you get format”, WYSIWYG, format.

Craig answers:

Having just a template won’t do a thing. You have to know programming, design, and how to maintain (both web traffic and updates)/secure. Its called a social network.

Lisa asks…

How would I use a Web Design Template from Photoshop?

I am a high school student who took a course in web design and learned HTML and how to use Frontpage. I have seen layouts for websites done in photoshop and I was wondering how one would use a design from photoshop and use it in a web design program like Frontpage.

Craig answers:

Before u build a website, the first thing you must know is what is your website going to do? And what do you want it to look like?
So, many designers create a webpage in photoshop and take use it as a template. Then they will do the coding following this template using HTML and CSS. When the CSS doesn’t follow the style of the template (normally background) they will crop the image from photoshop and and use it (for background, shadow ..)

There are many tools used to build a website (notepad, frontpage, dreamweaver, photoshop, notepad++ … ) Practice makes perfect as they say 😉

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